Kitchen Floor Conversation

It started in the living room
I was on the floor already
sprawled out
like I was ten years younger
she was curled into a chair
neatly nestled
and undoubtedly suffering
the quiet sort of misery
unique to second hand furniture
gone hard with age

We were driven out
our conversation curtailed
by the silent resentment
of a remote control
raised to ward off
whatever it was between us
lest they be forced to bear witness
to bare words
with the whiff of love
that all such honesty contains

She needed water
that was her excuse
I needed her
and water too
I needed words that smiled back
an old friend with a new face
who tripped over social grace
and found the clumsiest fella
she could ever hope to meet
the fool who perpetually fell

It was one
then two
then it was time to go
back before it started
before her version of truth
made nice with mine
found a forgiveness
unique to linoleum
unique to three in the morning
and briefly unique to us


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