New Clothes

I sheared her down after my feast
sewing tribute to the new deceased
and aping that most languid walk
I made my move to join the flock

They let me in without a glance
munching cud as in a trance
by shepherds crook led to and fro
stomach said stay heart said go

I wandered lost amongst the sheep
sizing those I should like to eat
till paralyzed I was with choice
with only bleat left in my voice


I get twinges now
and again
worries my silly putty self
is starting to go hard
that the ink I’ve absorbed
is in excess
and it’s a matter of time
until I can’t forget

I wanted to believe
in an amoebic me
the height of my evolution
fitting neatly in Petri
a prime parasite

The power of words
is a funny thing
and yours were nothing new
but I almost remembered
that barely whispered love
which escaped your lips
but once
repeated now aloud

The Alchemists

Make it loud
bass reverb in their bones
and hi-hats that wince
every surface conducive
to their conductive noise

Make all the assholes
milling around the sides
stop shouting
and hear what they paid for
melt their dollars into gold

Make bad philosophy
fuck the man
and pretend collectively
that all your day jobs
don’t exist for this moment

Make a collective experience
smash atoms sonically
till even the self-conscious
look like dancers
swept up in the crowd

Make it loud


There’s a state I see
beyond the stupor
to which I subject
the objectionable me

An egoless sleep
people pass off as zen
where self goes to die
leaving aphorisms

It’s not in me
to approach truth
with one hand firmly
covering my eyes

Trite is this contrition
for that self I strive
knowing both pursuits
equally pointless

Musical Ministry

She’s got one note
and more keys than I can handle
variations of faith
unique to each protestation

There’s a cross in her purse
for the vampires
and a mezuzah hung as mistletoe
in her one bedroom

Most blasphemous is the prophet
inked on in that nameless place
and prayed to by her lovers
up to five times a day

She said it felt safe
that as much as she found harbor
here in my arms
there was something missing

It doesn’t make me love her less
but it does make me careful
the effusive hopeful
who can’t yet believe