Selling Something

Pain spreads through neglect
same as love
an unconscious coagulation
that leaves you clutching your heart
harboring that brief wish
for the world to end

It doesn’t listen to you
a side effect of you not listening to you
fingers pressed approximately
where your pulse was last found
it’s hard to be sure


Made of This

I’m drifting back
through dreams of you
the one who got away
whose autumn hair
ensnared my nights
and smile traced my day

It wasn’t fair you left me
with words I couldn’t say
a love dashed on waking
brain led heart astray
a silhouette I still seek out
dawn that breaks the grey

Keeper of the Rain

These clouds are flaccid
pitiable things
without the grace to descend
or the wherewithal to leave
bustled as they are
by the whims of a great unknown

It’s the unknown that’s of interest
the sky shepherd
leading them over mountains
for routine shearing
and bringing back wisps
so the dreamers can dream

He moonlights as a cowboy
riding thunder
spurs sparking lighting
unstoppering atmosphere
and letting it drain
facilitating the breaking of the sky

It’s a double life he ain’t proud of
but the hours in a day need filling
and any excuse is a good one
when you’re forgetting a woman
her hair blowing in his breeze
sun kissed earth

Semi-Sweet Something

I tried to smile when you told me
you had life
all figured out
like that was the point

Smiling at sweet nothings
isn’t easy
when you’re not prepared
to take them seriously

You got mad
because I laughed a little
and then a little more
because you started laughing too

The scrunch of your nose
in the aftermath
the exhaustion of what you’d admitted
was clear

All I could offer
a reassuring palm on cheek
a reiteration of that wish
that we remain this way for good


She asked me to stop
that as nice as it felt
to be made immortal
she could do without

What then with the remnants
with my attempts to disperse love
in sequential syllables
inconsequential now

She would take them
and make them hers
would make me believe
there could be only one