Madrigal Mandible

He loved her so
as she did him
but sister jealous
fell into sin

The deed was done
clean and quick
breath snuffed out
a simple trick

The bones washed
and laid to rest
he asked her jaw
a strange request

Granted though
his pain was clear
a memento from
his one so dear

He left the kingdom
traveled far
seeking answers
in each fallen star

Long he searched
and low he fell
this prince once loved
roamed now a hell

In deepest darkness
he found three guides
his woeful tale
they could not abide

They took her bones
ground them down
turned dust to string
whose notes could drown

Another year
till he returned
his sorrow fresh
his love still burned

He came to court
in tattered rags
produced a fiddle
the gift of hags

One note sang out
then two and three
each voice was hers
screamed treachery

The sister listless
her color drained
death came again
and was not feigned


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