Keyboard Monkey

I’m looking for something to say
that I haven’t already said
an increasing implausibility
with these words

Halfhearted poetics
on loose leaf sentiment
sketches I pass off
as final product

It’s been years
since I finished a thought
my modern news cycle
pasting over fresh print

by way of entitlement
the perfectionist at odds
with the everyday


Bedroom Eyes

I never asked her what she meant
and if given the chance
I’d make sure I didn’t
present me wrestling with past
to keep the mystery alive

Not that it was mysterious
a compliment delivered at an age
when true mystery
lies in our own obliviousity
which hindsight makes bare

It’s still nice not knowing
holding out hope that the adult
is so very wrong
that our lenses are empty
glasses put on to hide tired eyes

Blank Document

I’d read more
if you wrote more
your letters worn out
from overuse

There’s a passage
that’s just paper now
a deep memory
beyond fear of loss

I know better
know those words
will mingle with age
become inexact

It’s easy to look forward
to such inevitabilities
as our exchange
loses frequency

That chance
I could hear from you
a familiar smile
for unfamiliar times