Lush Life

There’s an argument for sleep
in this predawn game of pretend
adjustment of limbs alternated
to match the rhythm of the zonked
a mutually indulged notion
that refuses to be acknowledged
even as the numbness
of intentional entanglement
begins to fade

There’s an argument
but it’s lousy
in this lazy lidded postdawn world

Be Still

A lapse in awareness
perhaps a return
to the years spent single
when she was allowed
to shut down

A book marked by finger
closed to better take in
the world of the wall
still blank before her
unadorned in an us

A private peace appropriated
till she catches me
and smiles
melting back into motion
my heart

Eternal Sunshine

Beside myself with you
an expression I can’t place
I’m weak to new

I could trace till blue
the contours of your face
beside myself with you

It’s as if hope grew
while expecting disgrace
I’m weak to new

Our days may be few
but between us shrinks space
beside myself with you

This cuckoo done flew
common sense did erase
I’m weak to new

A love I find true
past without trace
beside myself with you
I’m weak to new


What I had for you
wasn’t what you wanted
a love your own
without a past

It might be out there
even if I don’t believe
a miracle I wish for you
a memory for me

Hope in Transit

It won’t be long now
ominous and innocent
a declaration of change
born of terror within

You’ve been running
long enough for the loop
to catch your fall
for momentum to carry

This initial inertial rejection
will hit the hardest
legs tracing traction
on uncooperative ground

It will be as mud for years
till you generate enough heat
to bake the ground again
running into the void

Falling now will be different
it will be graceless and complete
with so many places to land
It won’t be long

Pantomimed Proposal

Between brows
lies an infinite valley of face
whose permutations we come to love
in a language of their own

Bemused mouth curl
meets half serious
half sardonic
is this the idiot I picked to love lift
of reconsidered lips

Frozen half second longer
as in thought
then sealed tight
hiding teeth from incorporeal cameras
that bring forth brief fear

One of those imperfections
the quickening of their eyes
makes you keen to overlook
an aversion from your own
at this worst of times

Relief then
when a smile finds its way back
makes soundless seconds into minutes
till their gaze rests on you
and the answer is complete