Now That I Can Dance

It’s not much of a question
never was
she knows
he thinks he knows
she knows for him just fine

It’s that willingness
to be known for
that ability to know

It’s enough


Or Be Lonely

Hand in glove
sans idiom
this idiot
wants hand in hand
a symptom of memory
asymptomatic before her

Vaguery a necessity
in tracing love
her a vaguery
name lost
in the long night
of another

Stop me
if you’ve felt this
price paid post-mortem
in warmth
that together
we might find again

Eternal Sunshine

Her voice
a song whose tune
was unlearned long ago
whose notes find purchase
on stray words
lure meaning to rocks
made jagged by time

isn’t what I expected
what I was sold
when faced with guilt
absolution for a love
that lingers still
without a name