Little more than dregs
going on six roommates
three apartments
twelve years
displacement enough
to dull the pain

I’m guilty
remanding this reminder
to every open ear
wishing my memory
might wane
in warping another’s weft

has made of me a meal
taken you from me
in totality
gathered love bracing loss
as best it can

The Same Imaginary Place

It’s vacant
for the moment
white walls and cheap carpet
a number of square feet
I’ll manage to forget
every time it leaves your lips

I liked it
the moment you liked it
started to see our future
for now

You walked me through
where everything belonged
let me borrow space
in the palm of your hand
that place
I am happy to call home


I read our ending
returned to that well
of neatly packaged sentiment
dredging non-existent sediment
I still expect to find

Love preserves itself
past stated expiration
or so I’ve begun to speculate
a thin film of memory
clinging to where you left off
hoping only to remain