A Grimm Farewell

Hand outstretched
he waits her grace
then palm in palm
and place to place

It’s singsong simple
this tale too fair
she’ll lose a slipper
he’ll climb her hair

Fantasy is easy
real life is hard
their trials now but trifles
passed down by petty bard


At The End

You return
each rejection fresh
if he won’t have you
it’s best not having him
a mutual wound
inflicted sans thought

Love doesn’t heal
at best it makes scars
reminders of those
who fill the nothing
we find waiting
the smiles we lapse into

The Alchemists

Make it loud
bass reverb in their bones
and hi-hats that wince
every surface conducive
to their conductive noise

Make all the assholes
milling around the sides
stop shouting
and hear what they paid for
melt their dollars into gold

Make bad philosophy
fuck the man
and pretend collectively
that all your day jobs
don’t exist for this moment

Make a collective experience
smash atoms sonically
till even the self-conscious
look like dancers
swept up in the crowd

Make it loud


There’s a state I see
beyond the stupor
to which I subject
the objectionable me

An egoless sleep
people pass off as zen
where self goes to die
leaving aphorisms

It’s not in me
to approach truth
with one hand firmly
covering my eyes

Trite is this contrition
for that self I strive
knowing both pursuits
equally pointless

Oil Salesman

It wasn’t as you said
a bedroom dead
it was only as it seemed
a monster waiting
in your head
revenge for slight unseen

Your body the weapon
so easy to beckon
a conspirator into your plan
you fed me the lines
to teach him a lesson
worth learning if you can

He loves you still
against his will
your venom missed its mark
so shed that pride
a bitter pill
come back to him once stark

Made of This

My dream came true
when you revealed
the you I knew a lie
a template tested
followed through
to catch a passerby

And catch you could
this poor lost lamb
who wanted to provide
would shear himself
to warm your heart
if he could come inside

It’s quid pro quo
this game of ours
a lie within a truth
deceive me more
my dulcet whore
though true it is uncouth