Missing missing you
gradation of time
or love
half what I expected
half what did I expect

Waiting for the sun
to receive its snuffing
our observed silence
never agreed

Charity to memory
to motes that dance
in a dying light

You’d hate that notion
just the right amount

Hate these scant remains



I don’t know what the word is
but I’ll find it
for you

Idle promise
made much of
when we were made of much less

I was in a book
waiting for you to walk in
not that you would
not that it was in your capacity
to do anything but arrive
awash in a world
dragged dutifully to doorstep

With enough years between us
I could find that smile
in each passing page
a reminder of late sunshine
goading me to get up
holding aloft
those dust motes
dancing as we must

Or Be Lonely

Hand in glove
sans idiom
this idiot
wants hand in hand
a symptom of memory
asymptomatic before her

Vaguery a necessity
in tracing love
her a vaguery
name lost
in the long night
of another

Stop me
if you’ve felt this
price paid post-mortem
in warmth
that together
we might find again

Loofah Optional

Peeling back kisses
like skin saturated with sun
given time to set
history with edge translucent

To remove is to relive
to relive is to relove
to find what I’m willing
to forget for you

Easy at first
when infatuation drives fingers
replacements made room for
as lust requires

It’s the afterwards that’s of interest
the spaces once saved
now negotiable
ready perhaps for the sun

The Answer

I think you
and your words appear
a coincidence cultivated
by thinking you often

in the interim
I’ve been forgotten
a margin exaggerated

Altruistic negligence
my love at arms length
an abstract offering
made of me

I’m there for you
all you have to do is ask
question unknown
the story so far

A Wish Resigned

I’m offering this last complacency
an outstretched dream
freshly dreampt

You were weightless
save a smile
I may never get to see
but made anyways
made to hurt
from all my favorite sad stories

Delicately placed
atop a photo
fogged by one trying to forget
and failing
your features
remade to phenomenon

A universe in my arms
carried across sleep’s threshold
a bride made bridge
to barren home
rental really
real estate I don’t own

The loneliness is mine
along with a few books
in a box
spines safely out of sight
memories I’m saving
for when I settle down

If it were you
it would be easy
the you who made it hard
to stop sending letters
that failed at words
three syllables left stranded

As I hope this finds you
I dread it might
remembered love by morning’s light