The Answer

I think you
and your words appear
a coincidence cultivated
by thinking you often

in the interim
I’ve been forgotten
a margin exaggerated

Altruistic negligence
my love at arms length
an abstract offering
made of me

I’m there for you
all you have to do is ask
question unknown
the story so far

A Wish Resigned

I’m offering this last complacency
an outstretched dream
freshly dreampt

You were weightless
save a smile
I may never get to see
but made anyways
made to hurt
from all my favorite sad stories

Delicately placed
atop a photo
fogged by one trying to forget
and failing
your features
remade to phenomenon

A universe in my arms
carried across sleep’s threshold
a bride made bridge
to barren home
rental really
real estate I don’t own

The loneliness is mine
along with a few books
in a box
spines safely out of sight
memories I’m saving
for when I settle down

If it were you
it would be easy
the you who made it hard
to stop sending letters
that failed at words
three syllables left stranded

As I hope this finds you
I dread it might
remembered love by morning’s light


It’s textured grey
not endless
despite how it feels

We lost track of the sun
in each other
the one consultable clock
blinking midnight
blinking noon

You smiled
when I told you
the power had gone out
smiled as you watched me
pull the plug
and in afterthought
pop it back in

A matter of time
till the clouds move on
happily not today


Make for me your melancholy
that sound of loss so sweet
substantive as a savory
in summer’s muggish heat
for though we all would wish the world
be free of fear and grief
a lass in throes her figure curled
makes of our heart a thief
we fall with trepedatious trust
hoping only to be caught
the hands of those who said we must
their purchase all we sought
and once we find our weightless self
do we take part as human shelf


His name looms
so oft repeated
whatever magic it once held
is now inert

Her savior
turned captor
turned right round
till she doesn’t know

If there’s love there
it’s a base thing
a life
preserved for what

An empty shrug
she’d been resigned to
since before he showed up

Love Fools

My own idiocy
I live with
yours is something new
a stubborn courtesy
when I first see you
a formal affirmation
when you go

Hard wires
I needed cross only once
to know better
an absent conviction
in myself
to repeat a truth
till it turns new

I love you
should make up
for the one I missed
should reassure
an equality between idiots
singing loudly
skinnymarink e-do