Melancholy In Two

Discordant twang
snapped string in minor key
one of those love songs
where the guitar cuts in
only to remind you it’s there
and there it is

We can’t play it again
till there’s a stage
and an audience
a lonely two who want more
of that specific misery
half remembered till whole



When I fall out of love
I’ll let you know
circuitous courtesy
you might believe

Damnable offer
distant from the delirium
of time spent together
pretending we were not

It ends with words
that no one wants
a promise to placate
mutually absent desire

A Mind to Disagree

Wake with love
but once
mourning those dreams
that couldn’t know

Future heartbreak
of second pillow
small price
paid too often

Enough time will pass
dreams docked in down
drowned grief
in happy delusion

Time enough
to forget a name
remember a feeling
and find another you

Thirty going on

It’s only tragic
if we take away time
for now
appended to heartbreak

I gave up
casually as I could
better than the last time
looking back

A late January notion
of nothing much
before weeks
have bled to months

until I’m not
going on alive

Before We Wake

Your attempts to measure
have made a mess
but only by that
which was questioned

It’s an impetus
I know
a desire for tomorrows
forsaking todays

I’ll love you
as long as I’m able
as long as that’s enough

Eternal Sunshine

Her voice
a song whose tune
was unlearned long ago
whose notes find purchase
on stray words
lure meaning to rocks
made jagged by time

isn’t what I expected
what I was sold
when faced with guilt
absolution for a love
that lingers still
without a name

Ex Machina

All too evident
your displeasure
parts mass produced
to an argument
on demand

Pusher seeks button
for catharsis
mutual preferable
but not required
self should be assured
as beliefs
will be questioned