I’ll be your melancholy
an antidote to the summer
you’ve been sold
that dappled expanse
a measure of diligent duplicity

I prefer you happy
and sad
aware my light is watching
even as the sky goes grey

It’s unfair to love you
which hasn’t stopped me
returning winter
to a world
whose only hope is spring


Equanimeous Ghost

You’d like me better
if I didn’t love you
didn’t let you know

Company at least
if you need it
obliging phantoms
in my wake


Little more than dregs
going on six roommates
three apartments
twelve years
displacement enough
to dull the pain

I’m guilty
remanding this reminder
to every open ear
wishing my memory
might wane
in warping another’s weft

has made of me a meal
taken you from me
in totality
gathered love bracing loss
as best it can


I read our ending
returned to that well
of neatly packaged sentiment
dredging non-existent sediment
I still expect to find

Love preserves itself
past stated expiration
or so I’ve begun to speculate
a thin film of memory
clinging to where you left off
hoping only to remain


Half a smile and the crusts
you wouldn’t let me throw away
love you maintained
would sit right with the birds

It went bad a few weeks back
neither of us culpable
for forgetting the forgotten bits
rot contained by bin of bread

Smile salvaged for the future
moments I might need you
memories slow to digest
growing better with age

Free Masons

All we were
was excess
love leftovers
failed preserves

Paraffin burns
on our fingers
seals broken
before they set

We ate of each other
too greedily
drunk of each other
too deep

Famished future
too much more
than enough
of not you

Memory Trip

Let it bleed for a bit
before the washing
the peroxide
looked forward to bubbles
sentimental sting

Careless existence
remembered but briefly
rough smear of cells
opened in error
this time round

Messy business
this thing we’re doing
forgetting the taste
of ourselves
absent fear