I’ll leave
if you like
half-formed words on your lips
to that end

I’d prefer to stay
know that
for today
when you think of tomorrows to come


Paint run ragged
canvas without edge

Keep at it
if you like
picture an end
that isn’t the two of us

I gave up awhile back
let the cans crust over
took a proper look

It’s not so bad
at a distance
perspective and love
and art
if we’re generous
with ourselves

That Which Remains

I want to cry with you
swallow sadness like a sword
to pierce this outsize heart
enlarged of late at least

We’ve made a space
with edges still unknown
happiness in the foundation
but not enough for love

Make misery with me
place memory in mortar
help brick up a house
of all we’ve failed to forget


Near as I can tell
it’s love
tender tendon
you still won’t touch

I was okay
when we started
I’ll be okay
if this is our end

Time enough
for an answer
enough of enough
to get my fill