Free Masons

All we were
was excess
love leftovers
failed preserves

Paraffin burns
on our fingers
seals broken
before they set

We ate of each other
too greedily
drunk of each other
too deep

Famished future
too much more
than enough
of not you



I’ll take tomorrow’s smile today
if it’s all the same to you
withdraw what I can
while I can

I love best in future tense
moments planned pedantically
to please me
and if I’m lucky you

Grand gesture
for the cost of a smile
investment in an idyll dream
come true

Memory Trip

Let it bleed for a bit
before the washing
the peroxide
looked forward to bubbles
sentimental sting

Careless existence
remembered but briefly
rough smear of cells
opened in error
this time round

Messy business
this thing we’re doing
forgetting the taste
of ourselves
absent fear

Beyond Recall

She was my smile
far from my face
happiness detached
made proxy

I’d still give the okay
as I remember less
love more a love
I no longer know

Better someone
than featureless me
beard made empty nest
still awaiting roost

To Blave

Future tense with future you
my stomach still the same
miserable vomitous mass
at the mere thought
I might merely like you

Let it be love
one of these days
the mutual sort
where we don’t wonder
don’t wander

Don’t have to swallow back
our years of bile
doubt built from the burden
of happily ever afters
lies told to survive


Found your words
abandoned stanza
some lark you’d left
rot in cage of words

Enough ago
it took a moment
to make them yours

Enough of you
to wake a wound
once thought stitched
now unwound

I’ll bleed a bit
make a mess of me
where we left off