Cheap Chippy Chopper

You loved me
a little at least
not enough to save that fact
safe keep such small happiness

I don’t blame you
but I blamed you
your past tense enunciated
burden made mine to bear



My words have lost
loveliness found
a few lines slack
cast baitless
to a misplaced muse

Lake placid
before the monster
after the scream
hope still stuck
behind the eyes


If you might love me
let me know
a hope to store
for days when the sun
hasn’t made house cats
of us both

Post-honest glow
my roughly tongued words
obliquely future tense
enough for a smile
then a series
stretched out

As these things go

Half smile held
for the length of one spiel
humoring the gap
between sur and reality
victim of sweet words
gone vacant

Wouldn’t it be nice
to wind up in love
sans annecdotes
to turn up on their couch
in time for the third act
smiling at what is to come


Slow hell of waiting
till again
heart comes around
displaced just so
I could pretend happy
at your expense

If we’re lucky
we’ll wind up family
to each other
in small stretches
with what love remains


A distraction of your caliber
would be lovely tonight
different than all other nights
in that soon it will be done

Infrequent remorse
is my favorite way to put it
occasional life lived occasionally
our timeline laid to rest

There’s no pride in forgetting
no prize in losing you
just some small satisfaction
that you were here at all

Half measure of humanity
till I can stomach whole
return to indifference
a few years down the road


You’re welcome
to what remains
less morose
than might be imagined
less than what was

Several stories sold
still unfinished
I like to hope
pages I’d add
tucked in the margins
my diary deleting itself

I tried telling you once
I’d forget you
but it came out as love
a truth
told in two tales
both written by me

There’s no substance
in a name
till it finds ink
no sense of loss
till it stains your hands