His leg won’t let go
of that other place
the one on the end
of what used to be a line

Home in hand
his food turned fast
as half-hearted fork
fails to reach face

It makes me half-smile
impatience for a world
he can speak to
so very far away

The other half
a growing resentment
noise I know well
and my lack thereof


A Wish Resigned

I’m offering this last complacency
an outstretched dream
freshly dreampt

You were weightless
save a smile
I may never get to see
but made anyways
made to hurt
from all my favorite sad stories

Delicately placed
atop a photo
fogged by one trying to forget
and failing
your features
remade to phenomenon

A universe in my arms
carried across sleep’s threshold
a bride made bridge
to barren home
rental really
real estate I don’t own

The loneliness is mine
along with a few books
in a box
spines safely out of sight
memories I’m saving
for when I settle down

If it were you
it would be easy
the you who made it hard
to stop sending letters
that failed at words
three syllables left stranded

As I hope this finds you
I dread it might
remembered love by morning’s light

Fuzzy Math

Remainder rounded
time dilated
the longest moment
of us

Waking up
your absence
turning abscess
leaking into dream

To forget you
once ablution
now routine
if only

It’s over
and over again
make misery
my love

Very Special Relativity

It might make sense
if orbits brought our worlds together
more than once a year
an eclipse too brief to be bearable
if your light wasn’t caught in my eye

Love comes round
more often than I realize
moments when your gravity
swaps the sinking of my heart
for splendor found simply in the sky

Just Living

Love gone loathsome
with distance
child of time and space
of then and now

Do me the disservice
of disbelief
gawk at protestation
too much

Aspirant fool
seeks love’s laughter
substitute for forgiveness
happy accident

When will it be
when is it ever
it’s never


With what time remains
love me
make the memory
you need for now

I asked for nothing
and received it
now this
selfish thought

Smile ghost
before you’re forgotten
passing on
beneath the sheets