Against my will
you well
loss stoppered name
another tour

Stuck on you
joke of space
and the times
our words came true

Made masochist
in love’s image
bytes partitioned
till sun breaks

We’ll find each other
as often as we like
a play
of hopes and fears


The Happy Ending

If you want half
they’re all yours
as am I
three little words
to wake your smile
and a kiss
from this would-be prince

Better the memories
before the bitter
sours the sweet
three little words
to remember
if ever you should need
to be loved

Fresh Squoze Stone

Effort concerted
to make you jealous
all of my time
and none of my attention

You I love
reread it all you want
content your heart
with these rewrites

We’re left with what
will be on you
truth tailored
to tell a tale tall


Missing missing you
gradation of time
or love
half what I expected
half what did I expect

Waiting for the sun
to receive its snuffing
our observed silence
never agreed

Charity to memory
to motes that dance
in a dying light

You’d hate that notion
just the right amount

Hate these scant remains