The One You Give Away

Another time then
if it’s all the same to you
unprompted confession
we can forget together
momentary truth

No promises
it won’t happen again
only that the words
will be different
sentiment the same

I’m prone to love
specifically you
another time then
if it’s all the same


Paint run ragged
canvas without edge

Keep at it
if you like
picture an end
that isn’t the two of us

I gave up awhile back
let the cans crust over
took a proper look

It’s not so bad
at a distance
perspective and love
and art
if we’re generous
with ourselves

That Which Remains

I want to cry with you
swallow sadness like a sword
to pierce this outsize heart
enlarged of late at least

We’ve made a space
with edges still unknown
happiness in the foundation
but not enough for love

Make misery with me
place memory in mortar
help brick up a house
of all we’ve failed to forget


Love by every other name
lest honesty escape my lips
pressed impatiently on pane
to taste your words again

Stained glass once red
gone brown now blue
display of time and loss
one-sided breath and blood

What was hunger once
turned into trudging feast
grave of words unearthed
love by every other name