Missing missing you
gradation of time
or love
half what I expected
half what did I expect

Waiting for the sun
to receive its snuffing
our observed silence
never agreed

Charity to memory
to motes that dance
in a dying light

You’d hate that notion
just the right amount

Hate these scant remains


Late Night Shopping

When I found the words
the first time
you had just left

I wavered
on whether to chase
to catch you at your car
adorn in pen on hand
a list

Remember love
as I am fresh out
having given it all to you

Grin &

I’d been saving a smile
thinking of you
casual betrayal
now fastened on my face
with the vain hope
it might stick
like mother warned

Selfish are the edges
of upturned lips
and downturned gazes
moments when the weight
of all that love
are shrugged to another
asked now to bear


My words have lost
loveliness found
a few lines slack
cast baitless
to a misplaced muse

Lake placid
before the monster
after the scream
hope still stuck
behind the eyes


If you might love me
let me know
a hope to store
for days when the sun
hasn’t made house cats
of us both

Post-honest glow
my roughly tongued words
obliquely future tense
enough for a smile
then a series
stretched out