Ink and Bone

Empty are the words
lambs staked where I belong
seeking sign from an inimitable nothing
that something is worth being

For now a fool
in love and otherwise
otherways to make a mess
without so much blood


Sunk Ship

Love gone idle
or inaccurate
I like loose words

You matter more
merely not me
vessel for my excess
filled up

An arrogance
sans culpability
sand returned to sea

Bloom Into You

I’ll love you
till you let go
and afterwards
for far longer
than my heart approves

It’s involuntary
if I’m honest
sieving memory
till love remains

Measured delusion
dosed delicately
to wounded pride

I’ll love you
because it’s easy

Flower still to bloom


The sun must feel a fool
when it finds your face
to kiss such loveliness
and find it smiling back

It was a luxury to be held
find your hand on a back
turned towards the world
spun right round to you

To know your face briefly
belonged only to me
for as long as I can hold
such sweet simple memory

It won’t be long now
till the moon claims you
carries her sun touched child
away from so much light