Collector of lonelies
incapable of being alone
will be missed
with all the rest
and yesteryous

Got enough empty
for us
self sieved
to be sown
we can forget

Pauper’s Pea

dappled now
with practiced shrug
to sit it right

Your princess
in another castle
my coffee cup waits

To sell salvation
with words you’re fed
without meaning

I’ll sleep just fine
belly full
from found delicacy


a distant smell
left in mid Midwest
with you

It surprised you
that I remembered
when I claim to forget

Lies of abundance
curling at the edges
as the flame
overflows the cup

The Answer

I think you
and your words appear
a coincidence cultivated
by thinking you often

in the interim
I’ve been forgotten
a margin exaggerated

Altruistic negligence
my love at arms length
an abstract offering
made of me

I’m there for you
all you have to do is ask
question unknown
the story so far


I’d miss you more
if I could
love you more
if there were a way
to measure the meaning
of more

Qualitatively consume me
if it makes merit
feed on flesh
that sings your praise
I’ll lop a different love off
if you ask

Letters I’ve written
on what this love is like
I’d send them daily
if it made a difference
if it’s what you need

You said I was stupid
and I agreed
incapable of loving you more
whatever that means
incapable of loving you less
if only


His leg won’t let go
of that other place
the one on the end
of what used to be a line

Home in hand
his food turned fast
as half-hearted fork
fails to reach face

It makes me half-smile
impatience for a world
he can speak to
so very far away

The other half
a growing resentment
noise I know well
and my lack thereof

A Wish Resigned

I’m offering this last complacency
an outstretched dream
freshly dreampt

You were weightless
save a smile
I may never get to see
but made anyways
made to hurt
from all my favorite sad stories

Delicately placed
atop a photo
fogged by one trying to forget
and failing
your features
remade to phenomenon

A universe in my arms
carried across sleep’s threshold
a bride made bridge
to barren home
rental really
real estate I don’t own

The loneliness is mine
along with a few books
in a box
spines safely out of sight
memories I’m saving
for when I settle down

If it were you
it would be easy
the you who made it hard
to stop sending letters
that failed at words
three syllables left stranded

As I hope this finds you
I dread it might
remembered love by morning’s light