It’s not a mystery we needed

My love
with a word
in the bedroom

It would be over
soon enough
without her
pointless intervention
mere tarp
to make the body of years
easier to dispose

If it were clean
it wouldn’t be love
pieces dredged from fiber
years later
that moment again

In the bedroom
with one word
too many


Long Last Legs

It’s work waking
when sleep is scarce
a candle burnt at both ends
mess of insufficient light

I’ve scraped enough wax
in the aftermath
to spot a meltdown
in a flame

Sputter gone stubborn
like an unleavened miracle
rising but barely
with what’s left of its light

As I’ll Ever Be

A lapse in character
followed by judgement
feeling I won’t admit to
feeling so familiar

Each smile
a brief betrayal
practiced indifference
rendered impractical

In the face of love
I can’t find myself
when I look at her
she’s all I see

There must be more
I want more me
ready as I am
to be found

Forget Again

If I wanted it to end like this
it would end
a truth obvious and unpleasant
and all alone

To love you
a selfishness indulged at length
to leave you
a selfishness indulged in brief

Were I capable of conclusions
I would draw one
from the endings I know already
those bleak words

Lucky for us
my memory isn’t all that
lucky for me
the forgetting is mutual