To Blave

Alone in love
answer to a question
you now need not

It might have made
a lovely moment
allowance to unburden
my ubiquity

Too late in life
for that
too much of nothing
I’ve made my own

I hate the thought
of being
a worthless word
you’d know was me

Confession of arrogance
this moment my last
in love alone


Manic Dream Pixie Girl

Going on midnight
we’re back to an all too honest grist
milled about the kitchen floor
comfort of nearby couches
unnecessary accessory

I’ve been slumped in the frame
since the start
gradually following you to the ground
stool, chair, and sprawl
mock mimicry of my own

What little I remember
is sad sack pixie cut
selling sob stories sans tears
truths I took to be tall tales
and treasured just the same

A taste of loss
before I knew of love
an excess now
enough to wish you well
whatever color your hair may be

Backyard, Full

Misplace your hand on me
lead me to believe a love
laid claim my back’s small

Goodbye comforts
brief bodily assurance
I’ll see you again

It’s in the lingering
idle imprinting
of interlocking limbs

Junk of the hearts
forgotten and forgiven
for now


Maker of small miseries
my love
I’ll foist you
frequently as you allow
as I can find
perch for feathered friend
plucked from Pandora

Pound compounded
pleasantries laid supine
pick poison
to place on my lips
let them lavish
your own
lest dagger find my heart

Little Merman

Your tone is lost
cadence too
voice that could pluck
my twiddling thumbs
from brief reverie

Bathroom line
too bright to stare at
back braced to bear
an anticipated note
in my ear

Small happiness
in small of back
where your hand
would wind up
as we walked

It’s greedy I guess
to keep your memory
as I peddle it
selling sea-foam
by the sea-shore